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Gifts and Financial Provision


Making Provision for Children under 18


Put something aside for your children's future with St James Associates. We make provision in your Will so that your trustees can provide money from the children's inheritance. You can make financial provision for children under 18.

Whoever acts as your children's Guardians will incur extra expenses as they put them through their final years at school, college or university. By making a provision, you can ease the costs and allow your children to reach their potential. Once they reach 18, the same arrangement that assisted the Guardians can be used to help your children complete their further/university education.


Gifts for Friends and Family


Pass on cherished mementos and special heirlooms to family and friends. You may have unique family possessions that you wish to pass to your eldest child or another member of your family. Your son or daughter may also wish to inherit an item with special significance.

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We write your Will to include important requests. St James Associates ensure that your final wishes are respected. You can pass on a sum of money or a gift to ensure that they remember you even more fondly.


Contact St James Associates for Will Writing that makes financial provisions

and cherished gifts that will carry on your memory and wishes appropriately.

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