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Who Should Have a Will?


St James Associates recommend that you get a Will in a wide variety of situations. You need to support the people you'll be leaving behind, but also express final wishes such as funeral arrangements. We advise that you should definitely have a Will if either of the following situations apply:

                    • You are worth £5,000 or more                     • You have children under 18 years old


                    • You are living with a Partner                         • You live alone

Am I Worth More than £5,000?


Check our list below to see how much you are worth. Total up all factors and if you get beyond £5,000, we seriously recommend creating a Will to cover for worst-case scenarios. Your assets for consideration are:


                    • Property                     • Savings                     • Death in Service


                    • Life Assurance           • Personal possessions

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Parents of Children under 18 years of Age


Protect your children in the event of tragedy. A Will gives you the power to choose your children's guardians and

make financial provisions for your children with help from St James Associates.


You live with a Partner


As an un-married couple you do not have any right to your partner's estate, this can be put right by making a Will with the help from St. James Associates.


You live alone


Whether you live alone through choice, divorce or as a widow/widower it is vital you make a Will with the help of St James Associates.


Contact us for Will Writers who will give you the best course of action.

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